Ask any Xbox owner about Xbox live gold membership codes and every one will only talk about how useful they are for using the Xbox live service. Xbox live service is an online gaming platform provided by Microsoft which is internationally recognized and organized. This service can also be used for socializing with fellow Xbox gamers, chatting with your friends (you can even engage in video chats) and for streaming digital media. In order to get Xbox live codes you need to purchase any of the two subscriptions that Microsoft offers. One is Xbox gold subscription and the other is Xbox Silver subscription.

If you are not planning to play games everyday then spending dollars behind the subscription will not be a good idea. However there are free Xbox live codes that are available for a trial period and are redeemable for a gold subscription for 48 hours, 1 month, or for even 2 months. One can easily find these free Xbox gold codes when you purchase an Xbox 360 gaming console or a game bundle, but buying these consoles or games on a repeated basis doesn't make any sense. If you look for free codes on internet you will find various websites that provide services of free Xbox gold code generators, but sadly most of them are just scam. They are designed in such a way to steal your information and get your account hacked.

The safest and the most legitimate way to get these codes, is through websites that offer surveys to earn Microsoft point. These websites will ask to take as many surveys as you can to earn points. The more points you earn, closer you will get to those free Xbox live codes. This is one legitimate means of earning points, as the surveys are paid by the advertisers and from that payment these websites collect Xbox codes. These offers are fast to complete and you can complete an offer in less than 2 minutes. Some of the websites that have made a good reputation in providing free codes like, Apart from earning free Xbox codes you can also make some good money and get some other cool stuff live free games, IPods and many more. Completing surveys and earning Microsoft points this way might take some time and needs patience but eventually it will get you your desired free Xbox gold subscription.


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